IS24 - VEM in engineering science

F. Aldakheel (Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany) and P. Wriggers (Leibniz Universität Hannover)
In the last decade, a vivid development of the virtual element method (VEM) as a new approximation technology took place. It was applied to solid and fluid mechanics problems. Due to the multidisciplinary nature, the range of application includes problems of mathematics and engineering. It is constantly extended to new fields. Engineering applications are on: - elasticity for small and inelastic deformations, - elasto-plasticity, - fracture mechanics in two and three dimensions, - homogenization techniques, - plate problems- contact mechanics, - coupled and multi-scale problems, - topology optimization. The mini symposium aims at gathering researchers in the COUPLED PROBLEMS communities who work active in the VEM field. It welcomes contributions both from the theoretical, applicative and computational point of view, and is intended as a fruitful moment of interdisciplinary exchange of ideas.
Virtual element method (VEM), Stabilization, Inelastic material behavior, 2D/3D problems.