IS15 - Multiscale and coupled problems in bioengineering

Organized by: A. Kassab (University of Central Florida, United States) and E. Divo (Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, United States)
Organizers of the Invited Session (IS) entitled “Coupled and Multiscale Computational Problems in Bioengineering” seek contributions from researchers engaged in computational aspects of bioengineering problems the involve modelling of coupled and multiscale problems. Topics of interest may include computational models involving multi-physics, coupling of 3D and lumped (0D) models in hemodynamics and biomechanics as well as modelling across macro/micro/nano length scales and time scales. Submission presenting novel algorithms and computational methodologies in finite volume, finite elements, meshless methods, and boundary elements are encouraged. Examples include applications in surgical treatment planning and assessment in heart disease [1,2], coupled modelling of cardiac mechanics and electrophysiology [3], and modelling at the molecular and organ levels [4].