Towards Computational Efficient Fully Coupled Aeroelastic Simulations of Turbomachinery Blades with TRACE and CalculiX

  • Freimuth, Matthias (MTU Aero Engines AG)
  • Berthold, Christian (Institute of Propulsion Technology, DLR)
  • Herbst, Florian (MTU Aero Engines AG)

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A new fully coupled simulation with the structural solver CalculiX and the turbomachinery CFD solver TRACE is currently developed. The coupling library preCICE was chosen to couple the mentioned elaborated single physics solvers due to its focus on high performance computing applications. The preCICE adapter for CalculiX was recently enabled to work with a special CalculiX method, that allows to investigate dedicated eigenforms of the blades or other structural objects. On the other hand a new preCICE adapter for TRACE was developed. The preCICE-coupled system of CalculiX and TRACE was successfully validated against a TRACE-internal coupling approach. Single and double passage models with NACA profile blades and a mistuned AB blade configuration were investigated and showed good results.