Investigation of CFD-DEM momentum coupling results for AWJC Nozzle using preCICE

  • ADHAV, Prasad (University of Luxembourg)
  • BESSEON, Xavier (University of Luxembourg)
  • PETERS, Bernhard (University of Luxembourg)

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Abrasive Water Jet Cutting (AWJC) Nozzle uses a high-speed water jet as its momentum source. This momentum is transferred to the abrasive particles and the air within the nozzle. This leads to turbulent and complex particle-laden flow. The flow conditions influence the impacts of the particle on the nozzle, thus influencing erosion. Hence it is imperative to predict this complex particle-laden flow correctly. We develop a multi-physics partitioned simulation environment using preCICE for volumetric coupling of eXtended Discrete Element Method (XDEM, for the particle motion), and OpenFOAM (for the fluid). XDEM uses the fluid flow conditions to compute the forces acting on particles. It also computes the particle momentum source that is communicated to the fluid solver using the preCICE library and its adapters. It is then injected into the fluid solver as a source term in the momentum equation. We investigate the coupled CFD-DEM results because the momentum exchange can come directly from the water jet to the particles or indirectly through the airflow. Subsequently, the particles also influence and alter the fluid flow inside the nozzle. We also study the effect of different particle inlet conditions on the particle-laden flow. Our coupled simulation results align with the literature. As the particle-laden flow is captured correctly, this coupled simulation will be extended to include the FEM component for erosion predictions.