Model Order Reduction for FSI problems: POD-based partitioned and monolithic approaches

  • Nonino, Monica (University of Vienna)
  • Ballarin, Francesco (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore)
  • Rozza, Gianluigi (SISSA Mathlab)

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The numerical simulation of a solution of a Fluid-Structure Interaction problem is very expensive, in terms of computational time and of computer memory. This is even more evident if we take into account a parameter dependence (e.g. the Lamè constants of the solid). In the framework of making the numerical simulation more feasible, Model Order Reduction (MOR) represents a promising direction. In this talk I will present two algorithms, one of which is based on a monolithic approach and one which is based on a partitioned approach. Both these algorithms are designed within the MOR framework, and they rely on a Proper Orthogonal Decomposition technique to generate a suitable linear space of approximation. I will show some numerical results for different toy problems: trying to highlight the pros and cons of the two approaches.