On the 2D-1D Coupling in Numerical Simulations of Simplified Air Flow Model in Human Airways

  • Bodnár, Tomáš (Czech Technical University)
  • Lancmanová, Anna (Czech Academy of Sciences)

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This contribution reports on an ongoing study focusing on reduced order models for incompressible viscous fluid flow in two dimensional channels. A finite difference solver was developed using a simple implementation of the immersed boundary method to represent the channel geometry. The solver was validated for unsteady flow by comparing the obtained two-dimensional numerical solutions with analytical profiles computed from the Womersley solution. For the flow in planar branching channels it was validated using reference solutions obtained from finite-volume codes. Finally the 2D model was coupled to a simple 1D model extension simulating the flow in axisymmetric elastic vessel (tube). Some of the coupling principles and implementation issues are discussed in detail.