Buoyancy driven circulation in electrolysis cells

  • Zitz, Stefan (Roskilde University)
  • Missios, Konstantinos (Roskilde University)
  • Hemmmingsen, Casper (Stiesdal Hydrogen)
  • Nielsen, Kenny (Stiesdal Hydrogen)
  • Roenby, Johan (Roskilde University)

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Bubble flows are an interesting phenomenon both from a purely academic point of view but also from an industrial one. We encounter these flows in our everyday life in various situations, e.g. when boiling water is used to cook pasta or when we drink a can of soda. Industrial applications range from water purification using microbubbles to aeration in food production. Another application that recently sparked a lot of interest as Power to X candidate is electrolysis. We study the flow inside a newly proposed geometry for an electrolysis cell. Based on an inclined channel geometry we perform a phase space scan of both the channel inclination angle as well as hydrogen production rate. The resulting flow due to bubble buoyancy combined with the internal asymmetry of this setup leads then to a fully developed circular flow.