An introduction to the preCICE coupling library

  • Simonis, Frédéric (Technical University of Munich)
  • Uekermann, Benjamin (University of Stuttgart)

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preCICE is an open-source coupling library for partitioned multi-physics simulations, which focuses on efficient, robust, and parallel coupling of single-physics solvers into a complete multi-physics simulation. Use-cases include conjugate heat transfer, fluid-structure interaction, fluid-fluid coupling and many more. Only minimally invasive changes are necessary to prepare open-source, commercial as well as in-house solvers for coupling. Furthermore, preCICE provides ready-to-use adapters for well known solvers, including OpenFOAM, SU2, CalculiX, FEniCS, deal.II, with many more in active development. The library offers configurable methods for equation coupling, fully parallel communication back-ends, and various data mapping schemes. preCICE is designed to be a highly flexible and scalable tool, enabling rapid prototyping of complex multi-physics scenarios. This talk gives a brief introduction to preCICE and explains the capabilities of preCICE as a flexible and reliable coupling library. A code example shows the required modifications to couple a solver using preCICE. Simplifications, new features and changes introduced in the latest preCICE release are highlighted.